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Bank Sohar Pledge Support to Oman Autism Society

Reiterating its commitment to local communities under its Sohar Al Atta CSR programme, Bank Sohar extended the program’s reach to the Oman Autism Society (OAS) as a new addition to the list of community organizations supported by the Bank. With a renewed focus on educating, training, and empowering, the support will cover annual fees allowing the society to provide its services to more children.

Bank Sohar Pledge Support to Oman Autism Society

Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, commented, “Recognizing the role and value of every single individual in the society, regardless of their level of ability has always been the core of our Sohar Al Atta philosophy. Our engagement with OAS is yet another testimony to this drive and a valuable opportunity to extend our reach in our efforts to cover all segments of the society. By this contribution, we are ultimately contributing towards building the youth of our nation, and helping in promoting noble values reflecting our strong belief that children with autism should also have all the rights and opportunities they deserve.”

The donation cheque was handed over to Mr. Ali Jamil Al Numani, Secretary of the Oman Autism Society by Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Sr. AGM and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, at the society’s head office in Muscat.

Bank Sohar’s support to the OAS forms part of a comprehensive social outreach programme. This includes initiatives directed at childcare centers, associations devoted to disability causes, and charity associations. Bank Sohar has supported over 30 organisations multiple times across Oman to-date under a plethora of highly recognized CSR campaigns, wholly committed to reaching the maximum number of people as they inspire meaningful and sustainable change.

Mr. Ali Jamil Al Numani,Secretary of the Oman Autism Society, said, “Our vision is to promote a society where autistic people are understood, accepted, supported and granted full rights. With the necessary support from socially responsible corporates and the efforts of OAS and affiliate organizations, autism can truly become a gift; not an ordeal. We thank Bank Sohar for their valuable support and look forward to further our collaboration in the future.”

Established as a charitable society in 2014, OAS is committed to supporting those with the challenge of managing Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ‘autism’ related issues. The organisation strives to increase awareness in local communities working with parents, carers, volunteers and affiliate organizations across the Omani society.

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