Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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In our quest to achieve excellence, Bank Sohar introduces extensive customer support to corporate clients to attend to their requirements. Our dedicated Call Center services are now not limited to our retail customers only, but to our Wholesale banking customers s well.

At Bank Sohar, we offer services to our Wholesale banking customers through the Wholesale Banking helpdesk. Dedicated agents within the call center cater to the requirements of wholesale banking customers. To assure quality services, the agent handles issues related to Internet Banking directly from the customer and internally contacts the respective unit accordingly. The agent also aims to understand our customers’ needs and provides them individualized consideration. In addition to handling daily customer requirements, following are the major tasks performed by the Wholesale banking helpdesk agent:

  1. Prepare and send periodically (daily or weekly) statements for pre-listed companies
  2. Action service requests raised through Internet Banking (e.g. cheque books, DD…etc)
  3. Forward hard copy account statements of RTGS and Credit Advice for listed company
  4. Activate Internet Banking users after receiving acknowledgment from branches
  5. Handle Wholesale Banking user complaints
  6. Handle account related inquiries
  7. Assist users on the usage of Internet Banking and other transaction related inquiries through the channel

To utilize on our dedicated services, please call us on 24761761 within the bank official working hours, from 8 AM till 3 PM.